Anyone Who Feels Nigeria Is No Longer Conducive Should Leave - Ango Abdullahi

Ango Abdullahi Anyone Who Feels Nigeria Is No Longer Conducive Should Leave
Spokesman for the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, Prof. Ango Abdullahi on Friday, June 9, defended his already defined position on the quit notice given to Igbos in the north by a Coalition of Northern Youth Groups.

Abdullahi who is a former Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, made his stand known again while addressing reporters in Zaria, Kaduna State.

He berated Northern Governors Forum for disowning the group, an action he described as a “disappointment.”

According to the Northern Elders Forum spokesman, it was hypocritical for the Igbos to continue living in other parts of the country while agitating for Nigeria to break up.

He said:
“I am disappointed in the decision taken by Northern Governors’ Forum disowning and condemning the agitation by these young agile and progressive youth groups.
 “Let me ask, these Northern governors, who are they representing; are they representing spirits, ghosts or people of the north?

“Recently, people from the eastern part of this country, specifically Igbo, were busy calling for the Sovereign State of Biafra and from all indication, their leaders including governors are behind them.”

He further emphasised that anyone who feels that Nigeria “is not conducive for him” should quit, adding that the action of the northern youth groups was not a sin in any way.

Bemoaning the fact that none of the Northern governors reacted to the continuous call for the actualisation of Biafra and other agitations, Abdullahi said when Nnamdi Kanu was released on bail recently, more than 100 vehicles escorted him to his residence including big personalities from the south-west and south-east.

“This is somebody who has been agitating for the breakup of Nigeria but his people were behind him, therefore, I am behind the youths. This is because the Northern youths are pushed to the wall, we have been calming them down in any event similar to this,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the Northern Elders Forum spokesman had earlier said the northern youths were pouring out their anger and frustration over what he described as the irresponsible behaviour of Igbo youths and elders.

His words:
“The Igbo elders cannot pretend or say that they do not know the history of this country. We all know how the first coup was hatched against the north. We know who masterminded that political coup and the aftermath.
“But we the northerners endured it and carried on as if nothing happened in the spirit of brotherhood. That was why in the Second Republic, an Igbo man, Chief Alex Ekwueme, became a deputy to President Shehu Shagari.

“I have never seen a country where there was a civil war and somebody from the part of the country that waged the war against the nation became a leader in the country so quickly.

“The Igbos should remember that politics of democracy is politics of election, not agitation.”

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