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Queen Farcadi Makes More Than Ghc50,000 A Month


Popular Snapchat Pr0stitute, Queen Farcadi Reveals Why She Started Wh0ring & Makes More Than Ghc50,000 A Month Plus More.

Her name is Queen Farcadi, she admits she’s a wh0re so don’t get pissed off for me trying to call her so.

We’ve gotten to know more about her now after her interview with founder of Ghanacelebrities in a Facebook Live Post.

In that interview, Farcadi disclosed that she decided to get into the business because she was tired of being f*cked for FREE by boys and in the end still gets dumped. She made the choice to then charge a fee if anyone wanted to have s*x with her. She mentioned that her parents are aware of what she does and are not really bothered so far as she does not bring trouble home.

Farcadi who would be 22 this year,  disclosed that, she started posting nice pictures of herself on Social media and had lots of comments from boys and men, asking what it would take for them to be with her and that’s where it all started.

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Farcadi who’s one of the most popular girls you would come across on Snapchat, posts videos her twerking in a seductive style. She often posts almost naked pictures of herself on the platform and charges a fee those who wanted to see more.

Farcadi make money on snapchat

We learned from her interview that, she’s slept with at least 100 men and still counting and most of these men are prominent people in society. She admitted to fvcking musicians, footballers, politicians and even pastors—Yeah right!

Farcadi charges at least Ghc1000 an hour for sex and makes more than Ghc30,000 a month from her new found who*ing business.

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To be safe and make sure she’s not set up, she has a manager and chooses which hotel, she wants to be banged in. She disclosed also that most Ghanaian men love to bang her in the an*s as well, and so charges an extra for those who want her ass as well.

Farcadi’s business model does not just entail the traditional f*ck and pay, she runs a premium account on SnapChat where she strips and gets other girls like her to  F*ck live for her paid audience. And she says Ghanaian men love to pay for s*x. She was making as much as 20,000 GHS a month from this SnapChat live cam business.- Ghanacelebrities.com

Queen Farcadi is not going to be the last girl to be doing it, many of our young girls usually between the ages of 16-28 are jumping into these models. Some are naive and get bonked for Indomie, Ghc50, and sometimes just airtime.

These girls are running a SUBTLE PR0STITUTION business. They won’t be on the streets, but hide behind Social media to do their business-And their excuse is, no one takes care of them, so they have to survive in this cruel world.

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But can we really blame them? We can’t blame them, because their services are patronized by men.

Watch the full interview below:



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